Farewell, My Dear Strawberries and A New View

I said farewell to my strawberry plants yesterday afternoon.😢(They had a rough time in my care, even if I’d tried.)

I’d blessed them with the sign of the cross and then upon myself for equal empathy, with a word of comfort and goodbye as I went back inside….I also took down the hooks with the swinging pots on the balcony in the bright day of late afternoon on my ladder with care. I liked how the ladder added some fun to the solemnity.

I had learned after my funeral for the Calla Lilies in June that leaving whole plants or tree logs in a forest as a practice can actually start a forest fire, and I was not happy about those this year as I’d written. So I learn good nature practices, a little at a time.

Yesterday morning, I painted and realized with a canvas of this size, a simple composition is best; I consider now the main subject becoming larger than life yesterday by my brush was actually a good thing for next steps.

With my living room chair I’d tilted out a little further on an angle one day near the beginning of autumn, the window glass panes cleaned by me interiorly and exteriorly and the glass on the patio door too, the string to the patio blinds now with a new hook Dan installed so it doesn’t drag on the floor, ✔️😊💕 and without the swinging pots on the balcony, until yesterday, I didn’t realize that there could be a different view, with more trees and sky to see, but there is…

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