Blind Book Find

I believe my eyes had closed intentionally in this photo of mine…likely moved by music and great affection.


I found this novel The History of Love by Nicole Krauss among other books as free book donations left locally some day a week into September if I remember correctly, and at the time remembering that I’d probably seen it at a bookstore or online years ago.

I thought it could be extra fun to begin this random one in another place other than my own living room where I often begin reading my new books. And so I had walked just a little from home to here, this common room.

I decided to film a quick video also featuring my newfound bookmark (I’d forgotten mine at home and my instant task became to find another suitable one that was available and free to take, no stealing.) And then my impromptu idea came for the video to appear as if a ghost is filming it (Or is it really a ghost? the viewer may wonder) and I wouldn’t know the video would actually fit the book, until after I’d began reading it (am now mid-way).

The napkin there is actually an ideal bookmark to me.

And this is a really nice cup I found with a pleasing texture; it is also biodegradable. I showcase it here.😊



Three poems by May Ziadeh creatively translated into English appear this October 2021!!

Read these poems by May Ziadeh in The Los Angeles Review translated from the original French by author Rose DeMaris:

3 poems written by May Ziadeh in French translated by Rose DeMaris


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