There, A Rare Photo

I thought my own conclusion of who’s who in the photo I would take out of this post ‘cause it’s unclear to me. I will keep my own photos that follow. (But translated names in the Wikipedia caption: May Ziadeh, Charles, Samia, Emily Al-Rihani.)

Man to left looks to me like the author, Ameen Rihani; and there are an Emily and Sam Ibrahim who were married with three children, Emily Fares Ibrahim b. 1914, New York…is currently 107 years old, living in Lebanon! I wonder if I can find her on social media (Please say hi if you read this, Emily.)

It is written that Emily’s work was inspired by authors including May Ziadeh and Ameen Rihani (Full birth name: Amīn Fāris Anṭūn ar-Rīḥānī), according to that source.

My original thought was that May stands in the back row smiling next to possibly author, Ameen Rihani, and the woman sitting with the baby and man holding other older child are probably the married couple. And so I gave you my conclusion after all.

11/4/21: I think I will just throw up my hands and surrender with this… because the lady in the back could look like Ameen’s wife, Bertha Case, ’tho I found Bertha in a photo looking shorter.

11/5/21: Fun fact, the lady in the front is wearing a very similar print to my newest top I wear today… I suspect May didn’t like the flash on cameras like me as most photos her gaze is looking away from camera & a person doesn’t have to have had children to hold one.

I actually think that is May in the front, comparing her hair and side part to her other photos, but I say: no conclusion, maybe mislabeled, maybe no May in it at all! …Wait: A clue to consider: A wig! May could have worn a wig later on in her life, which would make her hair look different if she did.

I think I put more effort into this single photo mystery: “Where’s May?” than some people’s total effort in a full lifetime’s work.

…That’s it for now…🥱🎐😊🙏Let’s just sing my heart to sleep and dim the lights.💗🌑😴



Plenty shade or sun

P.S. As for the book on the table, I had in my more recent past pretty much completed reading the novel, The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, some truly wonderful passages, but had set the book down overall (for me personally, it was the overall novel structure and sentence structure that I didn’t really like, not the premise!)…I feel like the author, Nicole has a very new book she is ready to write or is already in the process of writing…This is just my own feeling and not meant at all as a premonition or a persuasion…also we share a (middle) name…but, You got that MS or work of whatever kind, Nicole! 😊

The basil likes this shade better and table with a little new soil to soak up better nutrients, and the begonias have always found life amusing.


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