Let The Literary Salon Begin…

Let the literary salon begin with heavenly host, May…

Announcements: I had a post series in mind and yet as I’d review it I would see the other poets had already had positive expressions after their critics’ criticisms on this blog. I’ve often be a little unintentionally careless with the poet Rumi, sometimes having deleted a whole post he was a good part of for reasons not of Rumi, forgetting to tag him in a post while other tags were in, or forgetting to include a song dedication for him in his post, and now it looks like Rumi has his own meant to be appreciation on the blog in a post of his own: ”What The Critics Said: Rumi.”💕⚖️


Today at the salon I will be reading…May Ziadeh, the host’s, recently translated poems (after her earthly lifetime)! And gazing upon and over the original French. I will also read three of my own ’literal’ English translations of her work, hand-picked by me!

And then I turn to my book of poems with a subtle theme and motif in mind in which for the first time, I started writing all new poems for a book this past spring. It has 29 pages currently as it’s been patiently revised since being started up in April. Two of these poems will be published in Indelible Magazine in 2022.

I’d noticed just after finding a full letter of May’s so recently, that the opening line ‘poem’ of this in progress book of mine had been written as a creative response, or as what another perspective could be to a line by the poet Louise Gluck in her book A Village Life…and yet I see now, ‘tho I wrote it before I’d known that May had existed, it reads also as a reply and confirmation of a line in a letter May Ziadeh had written in her life, and I’d newly find.

…And so afterwards, I will take out my great dictionary and thesaurus off my shelf and start a new poem with my theme, motif, and curiousity, and there will be tea and coffee and a rich square of very dark chocolate.


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