The Excitement of Finding Things You Already Had: #1

Well, I decided to find new table mats and to replace the ones I’d burned a little years ago with a frying pan maybe twice and hadn’t picked them out specifically, also saw I wanted more color and softness. These handwoven placemats and this vintage napkin holder I found on Etsy arrived yesterday morning and have made the dining room look renewed and warm.

My intention: Bring together colors and allow for highlights…and then the painting’s Italian Sea harmonizing with the country Scandinavian cottage look of woven blue mats, browns and creams, and English tea-ware on the shelves.

Peeko is cuddly on my warm fluffy sweater and he will like when I wear this, that he and I will match…This morning he naps upon it with a sweet gaze of affection and happy relief as the morning continues.

With my great housekeeping activity recently in which I was glad to take away some things and uncover all I have, I found this poem I don’t remember writing in my folder of handouts I’d saved from the interest groups when I was hospitalized in March 2020.

It is likely I’d not remember the first few days there and even though I don’t usually print when I write, it is my handwriting, and it’s nice uncovering this forgotten draft to read as if for the first time.

‘…And the coins in our pockets are shaken from our jeans that rattled around in the daily wash…
The child who ran to the swingset and pumped her knees higher and higher says, remember me, I am still here.’

Poem draft found

This is an example of a favorite writing exercise of mine: free writing, which you can type or handwrite whatever comes to mind, no editing or correcting spelling. It is meant to let words come and the writer leaves them, as more appear on the paper, and some writers like to set a timer to end the session.

I did this one on May 17, 2021, the only free write like this in many years, and a notable date. I’d find May’s first poetry book I’d been wanting to read sometime fully available online the very next night, May 18th. I had read its title in French before I’d found the book to read, or wrote this free write.

I’ve loved this exercise as the random phrases and ideas that can come up with the flowing pen can bring great fun and craziness to enhance and balance out any extra normalcy. And you see I’d mentioned French suddenly 😊.

‘Uh oh!’ 😯😊🎶See I’d suddenly thought of queens and yet that wasn’t how I came to refer to May Ziadeh 👑at times as queen…I just enjoy seeing this entry now.😊 I like rediscovering pages as these, memorable images and ideas, concluding with white-crested starfish.

‘…And abbreviations can bring relief if one remembers them afterwards…’


This brief found treasure series will continue…

The wind blew away many of the brightest leaves but they’ve all gone a’sailin’ in that breeze…and you might wake in the night to find me walking back inside from the balcony with sleepy eyes and an armful of potted plants to protect them from the balcony (no sleepwalking, just intentional rescue) set them safely, and go back to sleep. They were really doing good, now we will keep it going that way!

Both the basil and begonias are set high up on the uppermost bookshelf so my cat Peeko can’t knock them on the floor or consider chewing any of their leaves…and there is plenty of excitement in this post so we can continue next time.

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