Finding Things You Already Had, A Runaway Sonnet: #2

It looks like a large, elegant old book, and it opens up for storage.

I’ve started writing a new poem yesterday. Peeko loves to be a part of the creative process…Is that a hen, you may wonder?

And now Peeko has a pen and his own separate page.

As I began writing by hand, I’d realized I had a lined paper pad that is ideal for starting a poem, and I used that to continue yesterday’s draft.

That is his napkin I handed to him, and there are so many words that could be placed on it in that thesaurus.

I had begun writing a sonnet, having fun with another form; my latest form poem was a ghazal.

I realized after awhile, I wasn’t numbering any lines….so I paused then, as traditionally a sonnet has fourteen lines. I didn’t want my sonnet to go running right off the track! (Of course bending rules in form is great, for freedom and variety; I just wanted to try to start traditionally with this one.)

And I’d found Peeko was most content as the editor and he also enjoyed guarding the books and drafts.

The sonnet may have eight-lined and six lined stanzas including the last two lines (a couplet) as a separate note of the whole to conclude the poem.

I had already the total fourteen lines at the time I’d started to number them and currently, but that doesn’t mean I may not find lines to remove and replace; I hadn’t been close to rhyme scheme yet, but syllabic meter is interesting. And I let the sonnet be unread now and read it next time for refinement…and look at the sky awhile, as I like.

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