The Excitement of Things You Already Have: #3 Space and Simplicity

Emptied big container that I didn’t need there…felt the lift of a burden, the space open and air flow.

Added many cans to my pantry and packed two durable bags ready for donation drive.

Wiped away tiny white paint splatters from a past paint session easily off the floor, came off with water, can also use rubbing alcohol to remove acrylic paint from surfaces or clothing.

Dusted & vacuumed it all.

Set laptop down neatly, while it is charged for now, and to not overheat. I will purchase a small storage cabinet for it to match the wood look, don’t need to rush for that now….now I rest and enjoy the changes.

I brought down the barn painting…closer to eye level! And didn’t need my ladder either. It’s also a great, refreshing and soothing practice to launder all blankets, however trivial they may seem (like a throw on a living room chair, every once in awhile; you may not notice in daily life, these can get some light dust/slight stuffiness…it is nice to notice feeling renewed.) Little space refreshments and warm simplicity make me feel more relaxed and creative overall. I recommend that; this olive green throw blanket will be laundered next wash along with the pine-comb one.

Plant Pinch Epiphany…I’ve heard the word “pinch” used to describe pruning dead leaves or flowers from a plant. I also felt that the plants like a pinch (as in infant CPR on chest) finger pumps/presses…just a few in the soil and around, about the pressure suggested for an infant but not an emergency thing, so just press as hard as feels right for the plants…to get them standing firm and supported.

I think they like the transferring, massaging, and moving around of their soil too, a shuffle effect, for a feeling of newness and interest.

I’ve learned nature studies by looking up information online about my plants, even if many mistakes had been made too with great affection.

The basil is looking very cute, and it’ll need to go indoors soon.

Peeko will be 7 years old coming up on November 8th! He demands that he’s forever a baby for as long as he wants, and is the baby. But in human years, the age chart calculator suggests he’ll be about 44.


The bedroom/library meditative space is also in the making and will appear here. And the bookshelf is looking revitalized, to be shown soon! The bathroom, too.

It is a satisfying wait…and there will be a greatly-sized wall art for the bedroom in the future as I’d mentioned on the blog some time ago. 😊🎨🖌

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