“Sign Language” Remix!

Peeko’s new favorite song release…for his own bowl bed of choice seated performance

((& if you wonder what the blog’s about…))

We got poets, cups, windows, glasses, tea pots, lamps, moons, sky-watchings.
Sonnets, plums, darkness, soups, low profile chairs, highly affectionate heavenly ghosts.

Flower surprise growing up in the dirt, chocolate dark as earth, tubes of paint and sable paint brushes, chopsticks, suns, free books hidden lenders unknown.

We got the gramophone with the gold horn. Swept floor for the zafu and belly dancing. 
Speak loud, Love hard, Dream people’s dialogues remembered. New England. 

Got the coconut oil in solid form. 
Solid. Comb. Hard. Wooden. 
Seamstress. Shoulder. Victory. Clothing. 
Make that every garment right. Pantry’s full of cereal.

Music in the headphones, Jesus without the picnic bench potato saladz, 
God without graffiti in the pages thrown up write up the scriptures peer pressure.

We got the Good Granola. Wearing the jewels that don’t have to heal us. 

Got the trail through the forest and the gardens. Beach and sea without suntan paranoia.
We got the glass teapot big. Quality spread steeping. Library larger than your boat.
Got me lost in the aisles every time. Same thing’s happening in Museums I don’t own.

Got a new leaf to chew you don’t yet know. Flat pad of lined paper and pen of choice. Pop the book open, poet undying, hearts popping open alive and thriving.

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