All These Songs Woven with the Zodiac

More music I am listening to…a recent favorite song I play often is ”Don’t Go” by Skrillex, Justin Bieber, and Jon Tolliver.

I know I share a lot of music on the blog sung by women singers; I am much more selective with men’s voices and lyrics…I think Justin Bieber’s my current favorite male singer with great sound.

I decided to listen to him when I’d read in an interview reply, the singer-songwriter musician, Sarah McLachlan I’d listened to often and already favorite of mine said he was a favorite current Pop singer of hers…and from there, I ventured out as you know. 🤫I can sing some of these Bieber songs too if I want to ‘cause music range matters😅 lower range Bieber.

And he is a Pisces as I am. ♓️Another male singer select? Josh Groban. Also Pisces ♓️. I find out after they’re already favorites. 😊And a third male…another Josh(ua)…Radin! Gemini.🎐 ♊️🌬! “Gemini” finally gets on the blog! And I Iike to sing his songs too.

🎐😊🎼💗 🌊

The other new song I’d like to share is DJ Khaled & Justin Bieber & 21 Savage – “Let It Go” in which I will listen while with a smile upon my face, I muse upon fine green and oolong teas, and the joy of furniture placement, and windows with blinds drawn up to the sky for the sun to shine through, and my heart’s great affection…

21 Savage is a Libra ♎️, sign of my baby brother Rumi and other (often forgotten) baby bro, Eminem. (Don’t worry about the ages).

Might the standard ‘fat woman (whether complimentary or not)—as in more common ’hoe’ added in verse toward the end of the hip hop structure song be redone/ thought anew? How about leave out ’hoe’ altogether?

I think these writers should challenge themselves to have the verse with a woman described in a way that doesn’t feel insulting to the imagined audience member as in there are cases it doesn’t seem to be meant as an insult at all. But how can they feel what the listener feels? Writer, imaginatively listen as if you are the listener for a moment hearing your own lyrics. In a hip hop song or epic poem, might you write about a person who has a body that may be called fat, in a complimentary way, without making this body seem as ready for carving, or as a sumo wrestler? 😊🙏🥰💗(Feel free to be a sumo wrestler yourself if it is what you enjoy, just not every woman or man has to be or should be portrayed as one.)

DJ Khaled is a Sagittarius (There have been many featured on the blog these days, okay…we add in “Another ♐️ one”!🎶😅) and who shares a late November birthday right around the birthdate of 1900s Romantic era author, Ameen Rihani. I’d written of Ameen Rihani in a recent post Got On A Boat In A Book I Found, Made Me Laugh Aloud, whose novel I started reading and will be reading today. 📕

And as for yesterday’s music; it was by YG…who is my sign, Pisces! ♓️ song selected by my Scorpio cat 🐱Peeko in time for the new moon 🌙 in Scorpio. ♏️ 🌊

🧵I set down my roll of thread; this all has made me so very sleepy. 😴🥰🏝

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