Reading on My Kindle Beneath Age Old Pines in the Late Afternoon Sun Near Home

I read on my Kindle amidst little scampering sounds…first, of a deer running away into the forest beyond the fence when I arrived on the other side of it; I said quietly, “Would you like to hear a poem?” (waiting)…”I have no weapons.”

…And in that forest, too, beyond the fence, as I began to read my Kindle novel (this novel in which the fictional transcriber in it lets the readers know that this is ‘the truth’ and ‘not a Novel 😅’…), I heard and saw a tiny, curious bird making much littler scufflings…

I sit beneath my favorite pines to be near to read and meditate outside…to be near and beneath, not against the trees because they make some very sticky sap…and yet the sap is very deliciously scented and smells so nourishing, but I am not tempted at all to taste it.

I sit with many giant pinecombs and fine, silky orange hay grass, crispy brown leaves, and baby twig tree branches, which are all upon the green grass and goldener moss that lie beneath them.

I found the current spot of sunlight and shade to sit for this afternoon time…and without any numbers at all to guide me to this place to read. 📙😊🌲☀️

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