And I Hadn’t Gotten To That Part Yet

photo from 7/31/21

Yesterday, after I’d come inside from reading the novel, The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani, beneath pine trees near my home in Massachusetts, when I continued reading the novel that evening at home after I’d written about my reading experience in my previous blog post, I got to this part:

Well, someone actually wanted to eat those ‘cones’ (or ‘combs’) I’d mentioned in yesterday’s blog post…(and this character actually did eat them!) 😅As for Concord, it is a town in MA about forty minutes north from where I live.

This novel is luxuriously long and reads breezily and intriguingly with complex idea moments and laugh out loud ridiculousness; it will be a good part of my fully restful day ahead 🌲📙🌅…


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