Rippling On

Peeko looking happy and relaxed since I brought the plants inside this morning, and I could see that they were shivering when I greeted them ready for the day, and thought that they would feel good inside too and can stay indoors at home through the cold. Intuitively smart and appreciative of this nature, he liked to rest and lounge among them. And his birthday is tomorrow! He will turn seven years old. 🎊7️⃣🐱


More home changes bringing decorative warmth and ease are progressing.🗝😊💕

And the mall has brought me new clothes that stay comfortably upon my shoulders from the start and with more designs. 🙂

More to come, including bedroom with the small library. 🗝💕🎐📚


Saturday afternoon…at my sister Lauren & Brett’s home (Brinley’s parents).

All photos and video in this post taken by Dan💗


My niece Brinley’s going to take us sailing… ⛵️

But how much for the passage? I might have a penny or two in my purse; I hope it’s enough.😊

She can steer the boat so well with many steering wheels to choose from and plenty of ocean creatures to meet and learn their names.


And she is getting ready to set us a’sailing…🚤😊



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