a recent photo luxuriously flaunting his longness…

Peeko knew it was his birthday today as soon as dawn’s waking, he ran! into the bedroom (instead of walking) as I was awakening and looked up at me with great attention and excitement, and with a hint of baby sweetness, and then he leapt onto the new reading chair (to be shown in the bedroom when room’s more near ready), I found this weekend at a dear antique shop nearby. He looked attentive and proud as I wished him a happy birthday, and then he was crouching ever so slightly, hoping to leap from that chair straight onto the bed where I was sitting, but he’d determined it too far a distance. I stretched, stood up from the bed and, he jumped on it as is routine, and I kissed the top of his head and pet him, saying happy birthday, and he was purring more loudly and richly than usual. It was the same place I’d found the other living room chair he sat on when we first adopted him as a kitten.

At the time, the shelter adoption agent before we left with him had let us know, “He will likely be very scared when he’s first in his new home and may not come out of the carrier; he will probably want to stay in one small safe area of a familiar room for awhile, but he will adjust in time and be fine.”

That was when we first opened up the paper carrier box he came home in.

He stood a moment, leapt out of the box and then walked a few steps and leapt onto that chair in an instant like, “I am Peeko, I am home now, and this is my fine new comfy throne.”

Earlier that day I’d seen a photo of Peeko (called “Timber” when brought to shelter in January ‘14 in his hometown of Brockton, MA). The photo was texted to me by my sister in law, Lauren, and my mother and father in law called and said they could take me to the shelter that day if I wanted to see him; he won’t last!

I had wanted a cat and was planning to adopt one as I grew up with them from my childhood in Brooklyn, NY; I loved them all. Sugar used to spend most of the time with me, enjoying yoga and listening to Classical Indian sitar music, and rolling around on the bed to it…She had a similar strong, smart, loving and loyal, art and culture appreciating-personality as Peeko.

It was at this time in 2014 that I was out of the hospital after a mental crisis and long trial with local hospital care. I was safely home by then and on 12 mg of a Benzo that got me to ‘normal,’ yet I had a hard time staying awake in the day with that and it was taking time to be safely weaned off, which made me fall asleep and rest most of the day, and I felt low overall.

I saw he was such an adorable kitten and I didn’t want to even go see him if he’d have a better life with a family who could be awake more and play with him more carefreely, and my health then was an unfortunate thing I was patient to resolve.

But I decided to just go with my mother and father in law and see how it went when I got there.

When I walked up to Peeko’s cage (named ‘Timber’ at the shelter), he stared a few moments into my eyes with his big round green eyes and with a look of both sadness and a little bit of affection. I smiled which was not really happening at that time and said, “I love him already!”

The shelter agent excitedly asked me if I wanted to take him out and play with him, and I did. The agent was also hoping Peeko could go home with me too, as he’d been shaking when first brought in recently as a rescue and the man felt he would do well at home with me and my husband, could see he was happy and playing with me with a wand toy in the little office room as I was about to fill out the adoption form.

It felt to me like Peeko had picked me out, as if to say, “I’ll take this Mommy. This Mommy will more than do.”

He seemed very contented with me in his babyhood and napped with me like, “It’s okay, this is cuddly, this is what I like too,” and was also proud.

Happy Birthday, Peeko!


Peeko and I were having a nice tranquil morning of renewed normalcy today, lounging with my golden flower tea on a green tea cloth upon the coffee table, the sun rising, and Peeko proudly resting nearby on the couch, and some music playing… I tried to film a little and he got pissed off like “Come on, get that camera out of my face…”

He is selective about when and how he may appear on film. And then the landscapers started a mow-all-morning-marathon soon after that, and he left again pissed off like, “What are you mowing for fools? It’s my 7th birthday today and I am not going to be 7 again another year.” And he went to nap alone (but soon contented) in privacy and ideal quietness at a distance from too proud Mama and the noisy lawnmowers.

I’ve been really grateful to be at home and not in the hospital today on his birthday as it had been looking close. He has presents🎁. If he’s up for a poem, he will probably hear a familiar favorite from Edna St. Vincent Millay, but not recorded (I read him “The Bean Stalk) as today he prefers a mostly VIP party of high security and privacy off the blog, may allow a photo later, (maybe😉).

Peeko is a cat who identifies as “dawg,” he has strong opinions on what makes quality art, he gets very worked up when witnessing someone in the midst of a poem or painting in the making and may try to guard unattended written drafts.

He loves mid-day birdwatching, lights out nighttime dark and looking at the moon from the windowsill.

He prefers meditation over yoga but a person will get points in his book if he sees that they can do yoga. He is proud of his big size and will come after anyone who looks like they may be even jokingly messing with his Mama.Here’s a video from some months ago of him listening to his current favorite Classical piece. This seems to be his top favorite, and he prefers it over any similar ones or others on the album. He will also request to nap to it in a state of high positivity and blissful relaxation.

Here’s a video from some months ago of Peeko🐱listening to 💃 ”Dance by the Sea” by Arabic Belly Dance Group🏖:


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