Line in Time for the Literary Salon

November 13, 2021

I said, maybe silent reading from me for your salon today and no comment, but I love the book and you knew the author, but we don’t puff the man up now, the novel The Book of Khalid is excellent. It’s still Tuesday, my darling.

So…my screen shots: a novel with plenty of thoughts considered and decisions made about perspective through what I’d call ”interactive monologues.” Kind of like an allegory in little laughable action. The author writing like this:😳😅

and with a note to the reader thrown in at some point so you realize he knows someone is reading the book and honors them for the time.

I saved some notable screens to share:

At that point, I brought inside my basil from the cold, and it looks like it is passing away slowly but not from thirst; it is really probably from withered supermarket roots. Of course there would be a comment in this book on those sort of unfulfilling destructive sales by supermarkets…and my continued care for it, hopefully passing through my own sprinkling of stupidity.🌿🌧

😅J.R.R. Tolkien maybe making some hobbits from of these hermits around 15 yrs later?

And had been good to read waiting…waiting….and now I rest with songs ’til the next place….this has been more than a sentence and six minutes in time! 📝😅⏱🙃

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