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Nov. 17, 2021

Peeko this morning, after requesting his read earlier than usual, heard a favorite poem he likes to replay, “The Bean-Stalk” by Edna St. Vincent Millay. He sat like a hen as he listened to it, this photo above snapped just as he reclined relaxed afterwards, and I continued drinking my morning tea.

From the photo’s time dated, not only was it the poet, Edna’s moon and mine too, 🌜✨🌜, but it also happened to be Peeko’s usual lunch & socialization time.

‘Hey Paparazzo, where’s my poem?’—Peeko



I don’t remember the day this was…the shop owner remembered me, she gave me two hugs, found this chair I was looking for, great deal, & snapped this photo! 💕😊



Dan told Peeko, ”Mama is coming home today!”…and snapped this photo. (Mon. 11/15/21)

I read my latest book review and shared some free thoughts about that reading today at 💕May Ziadeh’s 😊Tues. literary salon, read aloud a couple of short poems I wrote from my own ’MS’ in progress. 💕📃😊


First morning I was at the hospital waiting not yet registered, a nurse asked if I had any dietary preferences or any allergies, I said I like to drink almond milk and feel best with it overall but was okay with the dairy milk I was given then with cereal I picked to eat. Another nurse replied to me, ”Oh, we don’t have those fancy milks.’ 😇Felt as if May was pissed off like, ’Oh but a cow’s not fancy..’ and at the same time the other nurse slightly cut off the rude one saying, ’We can stock those milks if someone wants them,’ and I said, ‘Yes, thank you’…& as if May was saying… ’Yes, you will stock her fancy milks…’ 😊(And they did).

And as for this little true story, you should know that I may find a brightly colored tree leaf fallen on the ground and pick it up and may bring it home to display and my whole week is made… 😊🍁✔️

I selected to start reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen sometime late last week (a re-read from years ago) after going through many books I’d brought with me and had available to me to read.

I also read last week a short story from a pocket anthology book of fiction I’d gotten free last cabinet find, the book titled Wedding Stories (I think I prefer short stories separate, kind of like a single loose story piece to ponder and savor…📖🥰)

I was struck with interest and impressed by this very short story, “About Two Nice People” by Shirley Jackson I’d read, a humorous realism one (& not horror), a writer I’d remembered vaguely from past college classes; it was on the subject of misunderstandings, which was a great theme.

As for the prev. post, the ‘Sagittarian Invasion’ one, My Fun Critique of a Novel by Ameen Rihani, First One in English by An Arab-American Author, I’d looked up later on author Shirley Jackson’s birthday and saw that she was also a Sagittarius (along with Jane Austen) and the others…“Another one…Another One!🎶” (DJ Khaled)

As I started reading Pride and Prejudice last week, I knew this copy I’d found at the free donations cabinet some months ago had looked slightly curling & a little delicate then, a 1996 paperback printed copy. The novel was originally pub. by Jane Austen in 1813. I can see so much more now the incredibly fresh and fun satire in it!

I was aware of the copy being fragile, but after awhile of turning and maybe looking back a little, when I finished reading a page and turned it, the page just then would so neatly detach from the slightly curling book-binding’s spine…and then ‘…Another one…and another one…!🎶’📃

Today I safely stored the first loose pages I’d read with the novel’s cover in a secure back folder pocket of a sketchbook of mine pictured above. And then after that decided to read the copy indoors only just in case.😊

It felt like a light it up smoke joke I mentioned plentiful in my last read, The Book of Khalid by Ameen Rihani, colleague of May Ziadeh…as the binding gently and neatly looked to disintegrate with each page I completed reading.🙃📘😊

No, no smoking for me! No smoking Jane! It’s Jane Austen, my darlings… not Mary Jane 😊📚 😄💕💕! 😊🤗💗

And The Faery Queene by Sir Edmund Spenser copy I had borrowed from the library was like 60 years older than this copy and that book stayed fully intact…😊📗💪.

As you may know too, Jane Austen is the eldest of the artists in my prev. ‘Sagittarian Invasion’ post at 246 earth years old—everyone else in it is (at least) 100 yrs younger…😊💕✨🌙

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