I Hoped for a Moon Soon to Be Seen as Near as My Window, It Is Here

…I still photoed it a moment outside on the balcony…I don’t feel frustrated as if it should show apart from the tree; it is sweet like that & even a little teasingly.

I painted early evening…🎨I found so many new and different colors that complemented each other and could be part of the new painting when it’s completed, as it takes shape, a color idea I’d wanted to try…

and I have my first painting in progress ready to be completed too…Inside the book, my sketch for that one I’d mostly forgotten by mind, safe to be found there…

(I realized I missed the Nov. Van Gogh Boston event as I was away getting better…a note on hard work & efficiency : some great ideas can be quick, like ten min for some dr.s ✔️)…and somehow I fully don’t find myself feeling like I missed anything.)

It may seem backwards, but next session I will sketch on plain paper with pencil to consider composition for this canvas, however subtle the forms. I am happy I’d found a way to include so many colors and all look equally a part of the scene, bringing out each other’s specific tone…and shimmering together.

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