Pride and Prejudice… Pages Still Setting Free in my Hands

…Checks calendar for today’s date…✔️😅 Time ?🕰☀️⏳…Considers guest: Nah😉

In bedroom library corner, plenty of sky to see through these clean windows by me worthy of highest praise, tea cup from which I’ve just drank, just now empty, now too, pins in place the front pages that may come undone in my hands unexpectedly, ones I’ve already read…Rest assured, your pages are safe with me, Jane.💕


🎨Painted awhile this morning…my latest painting in progress now has a title (before it is complete)…I know the different ’base hue’ I’d like best to be painted on it next session in exhange for the current one…

🖌🙃🎨😊☺️ ☀️

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