Goodbye, Pride and Prejudice

But not goodbye, dear Jane Austen. I have more books available for me to read now and the fact that these pages were still coming loose as I was reading, coverless and curly binding disintegrating, no matter how tenderly I turned the pages, made actually putting a bookmark in it impossible. I don’t need to read this exact copy; I don’t even need to get a new copy today, am wishing for a refreshed start and to read it sometime in the future. Pride and Prejudice is one of those patient, slow-moving reads that is very funny as understood and this crumpling effect makes comprehension even slower and more challenging than it could be. But these loose pages and cover of yours are safe with me, Jane; they will become part of a lovely art project of mine to come in the future…They were already safely secured in the back-pocket of a sketchbook of mine, when I thought I was just preserving them for the future of not knowing what to do with them. And I still got to meet within the book that character in the book I joked about yesterday, and I didn’t like him then either. 😊

And this is the moment I am always excited for, although not necessarily waiting for….Which book (a novel it feels like) will I pick up next?…I have not even yet looked at the (many) selections yet…😊


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