An Indelible Online Poetry Reading: Connection & Disconnection in The Ikea Age

so much blush these evenings & more this morning with the moon too 😘🌕

I attended Indelible Evenings as a guest on Wed. 11/17/21, an online reading hosted in Dubai that goes along with Indelible magazine in which two of my poems from my third book in progress will be published. Roula Maria-Dib is the founder and editor in chief of the magazine and she reads her poetry in this event, hosted by Omar Sabbagh, along with the other featured poet, Mab Jones.

*At around the 52 min. mark, the last poem, by Omar Sabbagh is read and is followed by the Q&A at around the 54 min. mark; I share comments on each of the three poets and their work.

*During the reading, another page fell off that copy I’d had of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as I’d casually lifted the book to move it just slightly (was off camera)…in case you notice me a moment silently gasp and step away. (Oops! Just before 1:12) 😌

*Fairies are even mentioned in this! 🧚‍♂️At around 1:08 by Miriam.

*I attempted a quick yoga tree pose at the end out of gratitude.

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