A New Painting in the Making

(That you will hear of, not see in this particular post 🤫😊)

I had forgotten to tell you, had only just hinted at…what my new leaf of choice to chew was: it’s parsley! 🌿😊And that discovery was such a relief and refreshment. I like chewing it more than basil and like the taste better for that so I can chew more at a time and enjoy it.😋

In the meantime, baby boy basil had been thriving in his dad’s care while I was away…and grew a few new green shoots indoors! Let’s keep up the good work…It is a safe plant for cats too. I can’t really expand on the loss of my begonias…😢the flowers were dying indoors as it’s cooler weather now, and the petals were shedding more than ever, and even though Peeko is smart, I wasn’t feeling right that he could take even a tiny bite of a fallen flower, or accidentally eat one on the floor if it landed on a piece of his food, of this cat-toxic plant, or even for his own quick moment of fun rebellion. And so I said my blessing the other day…and now…

I’ve been working on a new painting today in three separate (shorter) sessions and the painting is resting now (and me too) for the night.

I had told of a new painting I had found more colors while making and included them together more than usual. Well, I got pretty carried away with the color-making paint piling and a too small palette, and the canvas board began to curl noticeably, so I let it go. I learned through research for the future that painting a heavy x can prevent curling of thin canvas boards or hot-glueing small sticks on the back afterwards. But I’d saved the title I’d thought of for the idea in a note, and I remember the colors and how the colors could combine.

I also had messed up with the one I had the idea for saved in my sketchbook as I’d primed that canvas terribly in the past… My recent research taught me that stretched canvas usually doesn’t need any priming at all…but you will know if you may want to if the paint looks etchy and dries in right then, or pools around on the surface.

So…I got out a new canvas I’d had blank awhile, yesterday! And I worked with the sketch forgotten from my memory but in the book. I understand now how to keep paint off the back wood frame, not throw away canvases, and how to remove loose paint with water and a little rubbing alcohol, and a cloth.

My own discovery delight: a big-sized palette is very important; Today I used a large white ceramic dinner plate (not part of my dinnerware but just one easily found at the store), and it was great because the colors don’t all blend away like that with plenty of room.

Enough now!…I will tell you something maybe more interesting about this new painting…but not much. 😊It is the art I was in the middle of painting right around the poet Rumi’s 814th birthday, and I had to start over with the few shapes I’d painted looking unpleasantly and pretty unconnectedly chaotic…all except one thing in it I really liked, and that one thing was also mentioned in a poem by Rumi I’d shared at the time for his birthday! But I’d already begun my painting before I’d read his poem.

And not too many more secrets after this one…it is almost complete. It will rest for the night (and I will look at it again tomorrow).


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