A Room for Reading, Tea, the Sky, and Dreaming…

One new photo added Mon., Nov. 22

This bedroom in progress has new recent changes shown today as it is becoming its fullest meditative sanctuary.

There are books shown on the shelves you’ve not heard of yet and ones I’ve not read yet myself. And personal decorations, such as Dan’s father’s mother, Grammie’s corn husk dolls she gave me. The two bottom-most large books are actually storage boxes, one for paint brushes and pencils and the other for writing pads, poem drafts, and pens.

There is a rare uppermost book on the right shelf I have been saving a secret for you to see soon. The books of Dan’s I don’t read I strategically placed out of my reach on the uppermost left shelf yet they don’t bother me being there at all.

The blue book in the center atop my pile of recently read current time published novels holds a new flower in process of being preserved which has been staying ‘til a month has passed there untouched and has been due to be lifted out of the book (noted in my calendar) on Dec. 1st, ’21.

Soft pale gold rippling comforter blanket on Queen-sized bed to coordinate with the new reading chair and room overall with white rippling pillowcases from the previous white comforter blanket I’ve also kept.

A decorative plate with Love painted on it in calligraphy beneath the white floral patterned bedside lamp and some pretty statues and figurines.

A place to keep safe and easily find my pink jeweled pocket rosary.

And there were no great spendings needed, just memorable things arranged, color choices, and intuitive simplicity.

The angel upon the highest shelf had fallen but I noticed that and she is standing well again. I received this angel as a gift and which Peeko as a kitten excitedly threw onto the floor, and her wings fell off. I tried to glue them back on afterwards, but they attached so very crooked. But I’ve treasured her, maybe even more so.

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