All These Dream Flowers Displayed on Their Porcelain Plate

It is the day, Dec. 1st, in my calendar; it’s been a month of a book I’ve had holding these newest dream flowers and remaining closed ’til this morning, these flowers found and preserved for author May Ziadeh, with affection, after the title of her first poetry book in French, a new delight of mine found and read by me this past month of May, translated into English as Flowers of a Dream (1911).

The uppermost purple flower with a white center now showing hints of a tender golden green is a chrysanthemum, a pink one I found lone upon my path without seeing pink plants of these anywhere, just as I walked outside that day after saying to May, ’I wasn’t happy with that ‘Pauline’ just trampling over your friendship flower, but who has that fleur d’amitie now? Does Sidonie or someone have it in heaven? I won’t just take it…”

I kissed the flower many times when I’d brought it in in honor of May, and in a couple of days, it turned a royal purple with a tender white center.

A month ago I felt I should press it properly in the book like the other flowers I’d pressed that were ready Sept. 7th, and with that chrysanthemum, I pressed a very full begonia blossom and another more quaint one which had just fallen to the floor that day. It, too was pink and has now become a very rich gold.

And now complete and displayed upon their great porcelain plate, these are my dream flowers for May Ziadeh I share on the blog, with her writings ‘of excellence’ 😊and some notes on her life; she hosts her literary salons again, Tuesdays, at my home.

And the golden cross at the center of the plate with the glittering rose or flower in the very center of it, I had found one day on the floor right by the foot of my bed…titled the post, This Mysterious Gift; (I looked into that cross but no one including me knows where it came from), so it remains a dazzling mystery among flowers shown with great love…to share their continuous smile…and my own smile with you.


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