My Story Behind “Jasmine and Jewels”

(in my private collection)

The still life painting, “Jasmine and Jewels” I completed, I’d been working on around the time of the medieval poet, Rumi’s birthday at the end of September from a sketch I’d drawn maybe weeks before. I’d shared a couple of favorite poems Rumi had written near his birthday, Sept. 30th ’21, and the first one mentioned jasmine flowers.

I knew then I needed to do much work on my painting, yet I noticed the jasmine flower I’d painted on before I began looking through and reading poems was the only part of the canvas that I liked and the only part that looked like it already belonged. Jasmine flowers had first found me light and gladdened by their scent and look of their flowers and then a sad loss until they began to remind me of true elegant beauty and passionate peace.

I ended up starting afresh on a new canvas recently with a sketch, which included instead a jeweled necklace I’d forgotten I’d wanted to paint back in the springtime and wasn’t in the first sketch composition of my first envisioning of this painting. I saw again my drawing with the necklace in my sketchbook when I opened it up months later.

It was a necklace I’d bought many years ago, a red beaded one, from a street vendor in the Village in Manhattan, NY, and I didn’t remember how I’d not had it anymore, yet that hadn’t been sad to me, but interesting, and I’d tell of that in my early May audio post, ”I’d Like To Tell You About This Canvas.”

In my Nov. ’21 painting, ”Jasmine and Jewels,” I considered jewelry could be classified as a thing more showy or adorning than a flower, yet neither felt to me more special than the other in my painting, even in the composition and placement.

So I painted a small red (with other colored highlights) jeweled necklace from my own remembered one and from a similar one I’d more recently seen worn in a black and white photo, which I’d found more beautiful and expensive looking than mine, and also looked a little cherished, beside a white jasmine flower that reveals in reflection all the beauty around itself, within it.


P.S. I am almost ready to paint another canvas (and I got many of those the holiday weekend) to have a collection of art to sell in person, the one I started drawing at the library. 📚I have a new finished poem ✔️I’ll submit to an online lit. magazine, email draft saved.

I forgot to share this fun true life story of mine from June, how I’d gotten the round blank canvas I’d complete the painting on finally, ”A True Vignette Of Me In Target.

Plums are no longer in season and I feel that. 🥺😔😋


”What Was Told, That,” poem by Rumi

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