Such a Serenade

Fri., Dec. 10 ’21: featured post as Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon all align this evening; I added a little to the end as well.


Dec. 5 ’21

…Sitting in the lamplit little library corner in the night; this sweet red chair for someone small like me from the past and how the pale golden blanket has only the softest shadows as the gold pillow glitters; a little starlight, a cup of black tea in my hand with just a little almond milk, the shade of brown the same as the arms of this chair. My window shows me a white tree branching out in the dark and that’s it. I like this songwriting, this one performed live by Patty Giffrin: I love how she tells her story and sings it too…


Patty Griffin – When It Don’t Come Easy

Look at this, Patty Griffin happens to be a Pisces in time for the Moon and unplanned ahead of time by me. 😊

Full band live performance 🎶💗🎼

acoustic lullaby-like performance, Mar. 10 ’20

I checked to see if the singer, Patty Griffin had written this song, and it was written by Patty Griffin… on April 4 ’04, my grandma’s 80th birthday. Today I wore the heart-shaped golden locket my Grandma gave me (engraved ’94.) 💕✨💗🎐

Grandma in Brooklyn, NY where she was born and lived; here as a bridesmaid, I believe, and I notice she’s wearing a gold heart too like me today in this photo.

My grandma and grandpa; he liked to sing and had served in the army during WWII. My grandma was incredible at two things I am not: caring for plants and math, and she worked as a head bookkeeper/accountant with natural skill until age 82 when she retired on her own and the unkind boss begged her to stay as the company fell apart afterwards. My grandma was glad to give and see others happy, and was always ready to give you a genuine compliment. She could read so fast and well too, always passing my mom and me up in novels we would read at the same time.

My grandma could carry plenty of groceries late in life and she liked that I wouldn’t hold onto her as fragile, even if my mom would worry and say ‘Be careful!’ to me and my grandma would say, ’Joanie I’m stronger than you!’ And growing up, my grandma took her six children around Brooklyn and never driving. My grandfather was an entrepreneur and he’d liked to paint as I do; he’d paint nature scenes with boats in lake water, as I’d hear of them described to me in words.



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