Little Stories from My Week: Black Book Untold, Your New Project Manager, and a Dream Unremembered…

Black Book Untold

You might’ve seen a solid black book appear in some photos in a post. That book was not intentionally kept secret, but I completed the book and here’s a quick review with plenty of suspense for anyone who may want to read a new novel or even hear about one I just finished.

Brother Odd by Dean Koontz:
This was such a good, unexpected novel found free recently at a local library cabinet. I was at first averse to the book jacket which showed the author whose face immediately made me think of a very extended, psychic-like infomercial I might’ve seen in the 90s on TV which I didn’t enjoy then, but true or not, I let that idea go as I discarded the book jacket already in poor condition and read the novel as it was… Brother Odd by Dean Koontz would likely appeal to mystery suspense thriller science fiction readers who enjoy quirky candidness and ghost stories, rather than very morbid macabre. This is perfectly timed to read around Christmas and also with my surprise Sagittarian entertainers & authors all coming together at this time as shared on my blog (, there could be a surprise Sagittarius character in this too.


I realize my review basically begins with……………..…..”Author, I threw your face in the garbage, but the novel you wrote was great; I really enjoyed it!” And makes me remember why someone once advised me that I ’should learn how to tell a white lie,’ but I’ve decided not to do that.😊

I said to Peeko, ”Let’s take a photo for your profile as Project Manager for the company’s, well…blog’s website!” And he posed like this. Zoom in as he shows his tooth for emphasis of commitment to work and work ethic and zero tolerance of slobbish work from the employees.

Dan had recently done an incredible job insulting ! 😯(Was this typo always here?), I mean… insulating our apartment 😊💕💕😊and keeping any secondhand smoke out and air refreshing and heat efficiency… and Peeko was glad to do hands on construction work with his dad. Peeko walked into a little glue, I was told and had to have a bit of fur carefully snipped by his dad, but you couldn’t tell ’cause he is so fluffy. 🐱

Peeko even took the week off from his boarding school literature class, but decided he wanted to return today.

You may go into work one day and see Peeko sitting there or lying on the desk as your new boss. 🐱🖥


Basil Plant Indoors and Finally Thriving

‘Baby Boy Basil’ as in my organic basil plant is doing really well. I think he just needed a little kickstart care from his Papa (when Dan solely took care of it for a week and indoors)…I did also give this plant some organic soil from the strawberry plants when they’d withered away some time before I brought it inside. And I’ve decided I will show a first photo of the basil plant now indoors…in time for its ‘First Christmas.’ 📷😉I have been caring for it smartly and attentively.😊🌿🎄💕

I checked on epic poem book, Faerie Queene I by Sir Edmund Spenser and snapped this photo last time I was at the library, this 1920s print copy I read and made stronger a few months ago afterwards by glueing its spine with loving care before placing it on the returns desk.

Faerie Queene I is an epic poem that tells a story which blends folklore, mythology, Catholicism and/or Episcopal (maybe) Christianity, and the Queen of England with a tone of some apology, hesitation, and amusement from the medieval era author, Edmund Spenser…to tie all those pieces together and also be righteous doing so! Sometime I will read Book II. 😊


I walked into the cereal aisle at the supermarket on Monday and quietly said aloud to myself while alone in that aisle, ”I think I had a dream about some new cereal I wanted to try…now which was it?” I quickly scanned the aisle and realized I didn’t remember the dream and moved on.



Listen to poetry read by me written by the author Rumi, included in the Dec. 8 ’21 featured past post from the Archive: Rumi’s Moon

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