Blue Sage

photo Dec. 14, ‘21

I found this bundle of blue sage, not looking for anything in particular while shopping today, and I bought it just to enjoy its scent and display it, as it smells wonderful.

I picked the one by the type that made me feel best when I breathed it in, not necessarily the brightest, most decorative-looking bundle, or the one that I could research beforehand would be meant for a particular purpose.

This blue sage has a beautiful scent that I knew I’d wanted to take with me right away; it is calming, uplifting, and balancing to me; it doesn’t wake me up when it uplifts me and it doesn’t make me feel sad either.

I’ve placed the sage upon a stationery paper I’d had, folded it in half, and it is a decoration in a center place on my bookshelf, that I can easily hold and set back again.




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