A Day of Art Pleasantries

Dec. 16, ’21 pm

I worked on the painting I had begun a sketch for at the library. The main subject I was very excited about I somehow didn’t get in that actual composition with little room left on the canvas and the finished painting when dry was a very disappointing sight.

I was not dismayed as I got a chance to sketch that one again on a blank page as I had wished a little to draw it again. I had at first accidentally painted on the original sketch paper (since I was very excited about this painting), instead of on the blank canvas, and so the sketch became hard to follow and not so nice to work with after that.

I started over with the painting too, just some fine smoothing with water spread evenly over the canvas… and then, swirling with a flat-round-tipped brush and the gentle tap of my fingertips. It looks now like a pleasant scenic dream without a subject, or a dessert I’d like, or both.

And so we end with one pleasant, light pencil sketch in my favorite sketchbook and a new painting that is in the making.




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