Blushing Mornings, Angels, A 246th Yr Birthday Woman, and More

📰2021, 16 December

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings…back to back blush.

Did you guess right? Would I choose a new book or one to reread?

I chose Northanger Abbey, a novel to reread from many years ago, and I don’t remember the story, but it is delightful, and I’ll read more of it today.

Jane Austen completed it in 1803 but it wasn’t accepted to be published then. It did get published in 1817, and there was concern that more than ten years had passed with current events of the time it was written in 1803. It’s 2021 and I enjoy it so much I even kissed its cover, which is a very rare thing for me.

I had started reading a found copy of Pride and Prejudice with the pages falling to pieces in my hands literally, so I thought I could pick another book by Jane I’d had. I am pretty sure May Ziadeh had read this Jane Austen book as May would discuss older than antique books at her own literary salon on Tuesdays in the 1920s; I could sense she’d find the female friendship story at the beginning of interest to her as she’d write of friendship herself.

“Dream flowers” (named after May Ziadeh’s first poetry book I found she wrote in French) found and pressed for May are now elevated by a found round-shaped knitted placeholder and even more appreciable on the bookshelf, left side.

I didn’t choose the book for this reason, but today is Jane Austen’s birthday, 274 years earth. Anyone good at math who caught that? My apologies, Jane, you are 246 yrs! 🌍I am not good at math. ☺️🙃I just messed up the title now to 746 and am now correcting it, again, please forgive me—Happy birthday, Jane!

Northanger Abbey is a much more freeing feeling novel with varying sentence and subject writing style, more candid, and playful than what I’d remembered of Jane, and I’ve been excited to pick it up since I opened it Tuesday early dawn.

Another notable novelist on the blog celebrates a birthday as of November 24th, author of The Book of Khalid, colleague of May Ziadeh’s, Ameen Rihani—145 yrs 🌏. Happy birthday😊


I have newly re-found a favorite impressionist pianist, George Winston that I’d forgotten I’d liked until shuffle reminded me of his music. I listen to his album, Summer, showing the perfect setting I was already envisioning in my creative imagination with the blue sage flowers in nature. His birthday’s coming up too, just known to me, which will be the day after Christmas, and I think he may be turning 72!


Peeko is grinning as he notes the Christmas decoration bin was just brought in, and he sits. Side view shows his smile like a gladdened mug shot with poised posture, as he enjoys inventing little obstacles for his mom and dad (and especially dad) to overcome. He was also listening to French Classical Chamber music at the time of this photo.


The little angel I’ve cared for greatly with wings I’d glued back on when she’d been thrown by Peeko when he was a kitten is getting a slight new setting as some small decorative changes are being made to the library and will be seen again soon too. I was not able to repair it. I remember then he’d looked up at me with his proud kitten face like “Look Mommy, I killed it for you.” But I was very sad.


I found an angel last night at the local to me Massachusetts La Salette Shrine in the gift shop in time for advent as I’ve found a more inviting Jesus and others among him, in heaven and on earth…She rests on the highest bookshelf, far right. The tag showed she’s made to be from Italy. This angel is at the time in progress and will be seen again soon. —This angel’s dress I’d tried to paint but I was unable to do so well.

I did get an angel though for my birthday in February (also from La Salette), and that is the one you may have seen holding a red rose on my bookshelf, upper left side.


I have recently completed reading a newly found poetry book that is now one of my favorites from this year by poet Deb Stewart who had invited me to cohost the Zoom poetry reading…”From Boston to Oz” (Australia) this past August.

My own photo; I accidentally spilled a whole glass of water on the book before I’d read it, but look how it gleams. And I loved it fully, one of my top poetry collections.

The White Line of Language , poetry collection by Deb Stewart; I posted my review of it on the store site.


It is actually the 18th book of poems I’d read this yr. I’d joined an online poetry group challenging members to read 20. I like goals like that but never pressure myself to meet that goal as it is a fun, non-emergency thing; the point, of course, is poetry😊, and I will be glad to have read any number I’d wanted, eighteen or twenty or two.



 “The light does not look into the sun nor does the heart stare at the soul because both are one.”—May Ziadeh

“We may may reach at the same time without knowing how or why and find just how beautiful, high, and held safely our hearts can be.”—Jade Nicole


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