Merry Christmas!

Peeko knew he was having his Christmas portrait taken and winked both times for the picture…and also covered up the Christmas wreath behind him twice as he wanted just himself front and center on the greeting!

Peeko knows he’s an exceptionally fluffy, fine cat who is well-versed in literature and antique poetry and also enjoys traditional cat games. 🎊He may give you a small obstacle to overcome; he may give you the top of his head to kiss. 😊

Baby Peeko’s 6️⃣th Christmas! 🎄🎊 7️⃣ years old. 😊🎊🐱Decides he’s a Baby for as long as he wants to be. 😉🐱😊

Baby Boy Basil’s 1️⃣st Christmas! 🎄😊He is thriving after having a rough start with me this summer when I brought him inside and first watered him from the kitchen sink with cold water and he toppled over instantly, only to truly revive indoors and wonderfully when my husband Dan took sole care of him for a week. 😊🌿💗

This Basil 🌿 is the only plant of mine that made it through my attentive, loving, but sometimes very stupid care, 💕with love to my Calla lilies, two Strawberry plants, Begonias, Cat Wheatgrass, and Blue Sage bundle (which was shedding often and I had allergies with sneezing when breathing the scent, ’though I really loved it… I tried to smudge it respectfully, but it smelled just like very strong marijuana once it began to smoke.) I have learned a lot in my own nature studies. 💗🌱😊

A closeup of Basil


Merry Christmas!


And even more Christmas love: Midnight Christmas Eve, A True Tale of Poetry

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