Midnight Christmas Eve, A True Tale of Poetry

light from one candle lights another, how Love makes you happier, has you love more…~Jade

“Yes, I am a lady of incendiary destiny,” writes May Ziadeh in her own words in a letter of her lifetime.

One day I said quietly in reply in my living room, ”I like you fiery, May; I like you as you…Well, I would like to give you something sweet too, like a little bit of honey 🍯for your flame😊🕯💗.

A pause…and then a siren!…Fire alarm goes off inside and nowhere else, no reason I can see.❔Once, twice… “Fire,” woman recorded on alarm with clear voice says. ”Fire,” she says again, and then it’s right off again. 😊🤫♥️ I think maybe May was using Flame emoji🔥; maybe teasing my scientific knowledge. It warms my heart; may it warm yours…😊💕



…Love, do good, use your soul
In the service of Beauty;
Your life will be 
its holy and sweet flame
Lighting up the tomb…
…An inner spoken plea slips over me;
"A wing of youth and love lifts me up”
And brings me to You!

—May Ziadeh
مي ذ

—pub. by Isis Copia 
from a poem in Dream Flowers (1911)



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