Morningtime, Considering Love Made Seen

at sunrise

…Let them enjoy my smile, warm with the warmth you’d set within my heart…My willful efforts, my winding uncertainties, and my own voice are really indulging in this silence now: this silence filled with more understanding than space, but the best of them both.

Jade Nicole


May Ziadeh had written…

…O my Lighthouse,  
you shine 
in my starry dream!


Not a visible wing, but countless voices chirp in the branches; it looks like the whole forest is singing…


…Ah! countryside, countryside! On each of your rocks, under each of your trees, in the most remote and mysterious corners of your valleys, I leave traces of my soul: sighs, dreams, smiles, songs, romances, hopes, admiration, meditation...I sometimes seem to have distributed all the faculties of my heart, to have given you everything of me… but the more I love you, the bigger and stronger I feel; the more I pour out my feelings and my ecstasies on you, the more I feel my heart swelling with love and enthusiasm; I love you and will love you forever…

May Ziadeh

Excerpts from Fleurs De Rêve (1911) translated from original French.


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