Carnations The Wind Carries

My latest painting’s complete!

A vague idea months ago came to mind as I was painting…of a great wind bringing something beautiful and delicate along with it.

I’d started this anew recently and painted in the main subject, along with the long, fanlike green strands of grass I’d drawn in a recent sketch, as I was reminded of the flower and word, ”carnation” from a book I’d browsed on art history.

9” W x 12” H, acrylic paint on wrapped canvas (backed with wooden frame) original art; vertical, can be hung directly on wall, “Carnations The Wind Carries” by Jade Nicole Beals (Jan. 11, ’22.)

I’ve been painting my art on canvas, to collect and display them to sell in person—this is the third painting complete.



  1. Beautifully done Jade 💞
    This is breathtakingly gorgeous! I love the title and the painting looks to me like a cross between a nature landscape type of painting and abstract. Love the colors you chose to represent the wind carrying the carnations. They are vibrant yet subtle and so intricately blended and entwined. Amazing!

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