Last Night’s Dream I Had About Yoga

I had a dream about yoga last night, but I don’t remember the dream, just the subject. And I didn’t like the way the two poses I’d photographed for this post felt either when I tried them again.

But I keep them in place as that is a good practice in life, even if I wouldn’t recommend them in teaching. And there is a better variation of this pose I am practicing.

What did I do today? Watch me actually answer that: I completed a sonnet that was thought to be complete, but wasn’t until today. I have a method now of saving each poem as a separate file, so it allows me to focus on just one poem at a time. I emailed that sonnet to a literary magazine.

I painted ”Mornings at the Sea,” as I collect my paintings to display and sell.

I just found out it’s a full moon tonight (in Cancer, my birth Moon)…and I almost missed it!

I usually will begin to answer this question by saying what I won’t do and what I did yesterday and why I won’t do something today that I might’ve done another time, but I didn’t do that this time. But now I see I actually did. Happy Moon!✨ 🌝✨✨🌕✨

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