Growing Upward

“Growing Upward”

by Jade Nicole Beals

12 W x 9 H. Jan. 18, 2022

I thought these trees I see through my windows each day had their leaves tilted downward, but to my surprise, one day I was looking to paint them and I noticed the trees were growing upward. It’s an interesting exercise (often a part of classical art training) to look at something and notice how it looks as opposed to your idea of it. It was many years after living here that I looked more closely and saw these pines as they are.

Two recent paintings shown together:
”Mornings at the Sea” (top, sold! not available) and “Growing Upward” (bottom, available), 12 W x 9 H.


3 responses to “Growing Upward”

    • Thank you, Mom :)! The idea arose from noticing mid-painting so many tree branches point up toward the sky! And so my own direction turned from start from finish…
      As if on the ground sitting, looking upward. I am glad you like them displayed together too. 🙂


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