Growing Upward

“Growing Upward”

~ Jade Nicole Beals

Jan. 18, 2022

12 W x 9 H

Two recent paintings shown together:
”Mornings at the Sea” (top) and ”Growing Upward” (bottom), both 12 W x 9 H

Painting and collecting my original art to display and sell in person in southeastern Massachusetts.



  1. This is another beauty Jade. It almost looks tropical to me. Love the colors and the way it’s growing upward! The two paintings together really compliment one another. I can see your talent in both.

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  2. Thank you, Mom :)! The idea arose from noticing mid-painting so many tree branches point up toward the sky! And so my own direction turned from start from finish…
    As if on the ground sitting, looking upward. I am glad you like them displayed together too. 🙂


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