My Vacation with a Book, a Cup, and Plum Village

I am on vacation at home. After cleaning and vacuuming and hanging up the new laundry out of the dryer, I continued mindfulness practices on the Plum Village app this afternoon, a community I’d found years ago whose meditations and teachings I’ve found so clear and beautifully expressed and a very enjoyable app. Some of these include mindfulness of drinking tea or coffee, inviting the bell, beginning anew in relationships, mindfulness of feelings, and breath meditation.

My next pair of bookends arrived so both angels are safe from the avalanche of books that had fallen a few too many times and were pictured on the blog. Another pair to arrive…and the bookshelf will be complete. But I could use a bookend for my blog or maybe my hands trying to grab it.

I am reading a new book called The Garden of Eve (by K.L. Going) that I quickly took with me after feeling it the best of the selection offered when I voted first time last year, and the local Town Hall had a bookcase with books to take free on your way home that you could also keep and were from donations and the town library. No limit!

I just began it a few days ago (You know I’ve been enjoying many books lately and some free cabinet finds too). I am toward the middle now and very happy with it; it is a young adult/children’s book written in our time, and I also like that it feels as though it’s taking place somewhere antique or in the late 1800s, and naturally so.

Throwback Thursday…I mean, Friday 🙃’tho I am not a youth

I was also glad to suddenly remember about a local independent bookshop with cafe that is open again called An Unlikely Story. I browsed the poetry section just before I went back home to check on my favorite poets of the past…I browsed a shelf and said louder than I’d planned to, ’Wow, Walt Whitman! I haven’t seen him around!…’ and then added, ‘his book, of course.’

‘Rumi…there’s Rumi…Jalaluddin. And plenty of books.’ And I read a poem from one book I will add to my Wishlist.

And then I said, ‘Edna St. Vincent Millay…Okay, Edna’s not here. Edna’s not here…’ (look of disappointment.) I realized I sounded like a teacher taking attendance and quickly stepped away not intending to. 😊

Back to reading The Garden of Eve…and more from the Plum Village meditations again soon. But how about plums? I don’t see them in my supermarket in Massachusetts anymore. I have plenty of other fruits though, but I like those… And I have fresh parsley leaves for me too in a glass.😊🌿💗

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