Singing with the Morning Sun

January 21, 2022

I left out a good note when I posted this; I posted it for the essence of the moment, not for my singing! 😊

A clip from this morning when I was singing “The Sway,” the singer-songwriter, Joan Shelley’s song, along with her recording…to Peeko as the morning began and he fell asleep so sweetly…


In loving memory: I just found out my favorite meditation teacher, Thich “Thay” Nhat Hanh passed away tonight at age 95😢, and I’d found that out just after I’d written my earlier today post, “My Vacation with a Book, A Cup, and Plum Village.”

A post from the Archive💗🌼(These were actually snowdrop flowers but very much like jasmine). 💮I wrote this on July 21, ’21, six months ago today.

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