New Book and New Author, No Land To Light On

I picked up this book No Land To Light On by Yara Zgheib among the new releases at the local bookshop and noticed I was walking as if I’d already planned to buy it; that didn’t bias me when I’d began reading at home either. At the shop, I glimpsed a passage of introduction before the novel began, and found it beautiful, glanced at the front cover flap to see a few words of what the book was about.

I was surprised I’d found one to read published so recently; it was published this month, January 2022. I read it and I relate to it in ways I wouldn’t have guessed directly. There are passages of prose poetry which feel like it’s just the way this story should be told, and the novel opens with short, immediate sentences that fit the tense scenes, a novel with a timeline that isn’t so chronological yet feels right in place, and I welcome that. It’s the only novel I remember that’s brought continuous tears and tears I could still read through. I am midway; I will pause…there is much I want to say myself, individually, that has an understanding of my own conclusion too, that feels the refuge, and I pause now so my words will go there not seep out maybe turn to picture too…

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