Pure Fun, New Moon, Writing Notebook

Last night Monday…Peeko sitting in my chair with such pride. And he might show up at your job as your new Project Manager, you never know.

Last week I could sum up with the line, Reason for Exhaustion: Writing sonnets all day.

One Shakespearean. One Petrarchan: complex rhyme scheme sent me crashing by 4 pm. With that Petrarchan (or Italian sonnet), I wanted to learn the form, and my poem ended up not being a sonnet at all, but a four-line “quatrain poem” with three stanzas.

This week, both poems appear to be finished and will enter the waiting place, which is letting time go on before declaring done and submitting them to magazines. My poems over the year are still collected, as I send ones off, and I am open to an even more specific theme emerging for a poetry book in the future.

I read a poem by a favorite author; seeing a poem appear in my inbox by Hedy Habra was a nice surprise in the latest issue of MockingHeart Review, and the poem really spoke/stood out to me personally from the collection: When the Veil Shivers with its opening repetition technique known as “anaphora,” which I found giving something (you’ll see) to the poem’s dreamy, untethered intrigue and atmosphere.

Other things…Very little screen time—as little for now, mindful meditativeness, mid-way reading a before-the-snow, random, lift off the library shelf within the hour they were closing-novel called The Tower at Stony Wood by Patricia A. McKillip…

I have been dancing a lot, ran into an unknown to us market with Dan: My reason: ‘Curious to see if they have plums, but don’t need them;’ they didn’t, and I came home with new date-filled, delicious, fluffy-kind of cookies I’d not seen before (‘maamoul’), writing with a pen of choice in black ink, home decor coming together (to be photoed), and tea, plenty of collected cereals, warm plain water, and fruits…

As for Peeko, his favorite poet is Edna St. Vincent Millay, and I’ve been browsing and reading poems from Edna’s book Collected Poems, which includes many very poignant and fun sonnets!

Peeko heard a few new ones on a day of his Scorpio moon…He was running around so wildly as soon as it rose that night, and sat attentively as if to…hear his poem…the next day; he rolled around to a poem by Edna and then a few more.

After the snowstorm, dangling his feet…for effect…looking at me😊

If you like a particular author or poem, reading their work in that collected context without feeling obligated to read each poem in the book or in a row can allow you to see the stages and techniques that writer was exploring/showing at different times, and as a whole. Will be more to say on Edna.

And author Virginia Woolf celebrated 140 earth years on Jan. 25! In a recent post, I had shared a brief reflection on her novel Mrs. Dalloway. As for more literary birthdays, we had Hedy Habra Jan. 1, Kahlil Gibran Jan. 6, and poet Keith Waldrop along with author Mary Haskell Dec. 11.

Today’s Tuesday literary salon…Peeko joined first time, was up for first part. It is the literary host, May Ziadeh’s Moon in Aquarius!

📓✍️There have been plenty of ideas for the sake of pure fun….brimming up in that notebook, which was untouched when photoed, ’til browsed with no words at first, and then written in plenty with my pen…Happy Moon! or whatever you like.


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