A Sketch Just Because…and More Happiness…Continues

Beginning with Feb. 2, ’22:

Maybe sketch something just because it is fun to do. I did this one earlier…

Masquerade Party—the masks left behind are still lively…and a little boat that is a coconut! This dream lady is flying up to give someone a fully blossomed flower…

This sketch wasn’t made to be a finished work of art but for fun. My pencil wasn’t fully sharpened though and I erased a lot, but it is…A Masquerade Party. 😊✨💕💖

I was also hoping to send more joy with a “Have A Good Night” mirror picture:

Looks like there are two of me, but I prefer one. 😊🧚‍♀️

Wooden combs are more than great, like the one behind me on the counter and the sea sponge too!


And now…Feb. 3, ’22

A fantasy novel I found randomly at the library and recommend if you enjoy elegantly rich, haunting, slow-paced storytelling:

I’d waited ‘til after, (as in after I post this review) to see if she’s an author of our time; I hope so!

This novel makes me feel less like a helpless thread woven by the trapped woman in the tower and more as someone naturally, creatively drawn into the story, which flows like a riddle. The book design is very fitting, a smaller-sized hardcover with a gorgeous softly-edged cover and cover painting that evokes the author’s elegant, surreal writing style.

Surprised to see that the spontaneous sketch I drew for fun during my ‘vacation at home’ (that’s still going on) and shared in this post interestingly relates to a part in the novel I’d not gotten up to yet when I sketched it.

Certain lines shine with a shiver amidst mystery and could be quoted like glimmers of truth beyond this novel with its slow, continuous pace and that has me wonder if the author had written other books set in this land or with these same characters.

Update: She is of our time! b. Feb. 29 😀soon 🎉 🌙😊…and no social media I could find, but her website is patriciamckillip.com.

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