A Note About What’s Just Beneath that Repetition

  • When I find I am repeating something I’m ‘excited about,’ I’ll often hear uneasiness, and that’s often been more about a doubt of my own that is worth listening to…even if I may want to dismiss it all as pure excitement—Re: Beginning to write a novel? ’Now may not be the time.’
  • Time can be spacious and that is a wondrous thing, but working on too many projects or an overwhelming combination of things can make life feel more overbearing—I’ve been there before not too long ago—than it really is or has to be.
  • I have been delightfully dedicated to writing poems, painting, and writing this blog. These months, I’ve been building (from the beginning) a collection of my paintings. I’ve saved new poems I’ve written over the past year—I am ready to send off some to lit magazines as I go: I may like to add to the ones I’ve already written for a third poetry book collection…in time.
  • I paint the canvas and I also enjoy hanging my art on the wall myself, too…Let me be your maintenance man. 🔨😊

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