Gifts…and Cravings

A Gift the Day After May’s Birthday

I loved the very blushing sky this morning—thank you…😊💖 I wasn’t expecting such a gift…🥰😊


Willa Cather Craving

I was ready to choose a next book to read and suddenly I felt I needed to read Willa Cather, although I don’t know anything about the author personally, but that I’d enjoyed My Antonia years ago and have a copy of it and wanted to read the whole trilogy. There was to be no more waiting (although I hadn’t been intentionally waiting)—I needed Willa NOW. And not just any Willa Cather, but the PRAIRIE TRILOGY. So I selected a copy of O Pioneers! and another of The Song of the Lark, ones that had the most beautiful and calming book designs as I enjoy that aspect of literature too.

The first book arrived so suddenly; it was so unexpectedly prompt! it was almost too much…😊

The cover painting I’d found today is titled… “Madonna of the Prairie.” 😅Madonna is often used in Italian painting titles as it means ”My lady…” Am I…Madonna…with Madonna of the Prairie? 😊🧚‍♀️Maybe. 🇮🇹

My cat Peeko enjoys fine art paintings and poetry and is very pleased about this. But when I’ve tried lately to read him a different poet from his favorite one, he is kind of like…No, Edna please.

Here he is post-“Ballad of the Harp-Weaver” reading, a poem he listened to noticeably fully and meditatively, upright, relaxed, and alert posture and with his eyes closed…He really loved the ‘weav-weav-weaving’ line. He also now knows the name, “Edna St. Vincent Millay,” and will often grin or tumble with her full name mentioned.

Here he becomes a deceptively harmless teddybear baby (gazing at his Mama 😊🧚‍♂️) with his long, floppy teddybear arms and big, floppy feet in the blue sheen of light in the early dawn hour.


  1. Hi Marian, 🙂 🙂 Yes, I noticed Penguin had the nicest covers and book design for many books, so I specifically searched them for this edition 😀 I like O Pioneers! a lot so far as I’d remembered Cather’s prose style standing out in its descriptiveness and with a narrator who isn’t telling the reader exactly what to think in the scenes. 🙂 and a certain tranquility too.


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