On Reading a Novel that Feels Far Away: Being Near to Your Own Feelings, Being an Adventurer

I find that this was a reaction I’d not normally had when reading a novel…and by the end the reaction changes; you’ll see…It’s been helpful for viewing the mind in general without strict expectations:

I may read a novel and feel drawn to and lulled by the style of writing, the tranquility and ease of the narrator’s manner of telling the story, with vivid, lively, detailed, and direct description, not sparse, but with no noticeably extra words, with livable dialogue, and the whole rhythm of the sentences flowing into one another at a comfortable, moderate pace of moving from one page onto the next…like in O Pioneers! by Willa Cather…I notice I feel like I am outside the story and notice I am questioning, would this history welcome me? Or my ancestors? Do I belong here?

I find in welcoming my feelings I welcome myself and attend to the feelings enough that they can part like curtains to let me see who these people are in the novel and what this story is…

It‘s been in reading O Pioneers! I’d found this very faraway feeling of place and land without water and the surrounding wilderness….and then current unmanageable land becoming more farmable land, until it’s sellable land. These main characters view living and succeeding as part-mechanical and consider a sense of belonging yet separate themselves from where they had come from and from some others, together…

They view others or themselves as efficient and good, or not needed, and then there’s a character who sees a bit beyond her own known experience as a farmer and into the different people she meets.

So, at that thought of welcoming my feelings and thoughts, I’ve imagined I am reading with a dear friend…and for anyone that could be anyone, could be God, or anyone even in your home who may not be reading with you…

And there I am held and feel very welcomed…seen…even closer…I can see these characters and the novel made up of its smaller scenes, as I am neither shut out nor in the middle of it, but moving in from wherever I happen to feel I am now, curious, welcoming, wondering—Now what was it like for these characters, and what have they discovered since the story began, and what might they discover? I find the questions of distinctions or familiarity that came to me first no longer matter as they weren’t truly meaningful to me overall.

It’s been newly I’d realized after reading this specifically written of other authors that I haven’t really felt like I belonged anywhere specifically on earth, yet am not unhappily placed, and I am not limited to the years I’ve lived, or even to earth itself. But maybe I am made of many things…📖🥰♥️

My latest painting, ”In Rhythm” is in progress again with finishing touches to be made; I will update with a new post of it when it’s complete.

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