In Rhythm

“In Rhythm”

by Jade Nicole Beals

Feb. 16, ’22

28 W x 22 H acrylic paint on canvas

The story of inspiration for this one: I’d declared this painting done last week but realized afterwards I wanted to rework it with some final touches…which became to revitalize it…and soon I found I was painting a very warm welcome, with excitement, and light tears of joy for my nephew, Jordan to come into the world tomorrow…and just two days before my own birthday; what a gift! I am grateful for…in honor of my sister Jenna and her husband Wally and my nephew Jordan…painted with my whole heart this Wednesday…😊🎨 💖, Jade


Jordan Waleed Elder was born at 7:11 am on Feb. 17, ’22 at 5 pds 8 oz. 18 inches long. He’s been smiling all day.

Congratulations to his parents, his mom, my sister, Jenna and his dad, my brother in law, Wally.

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