Evening Sky, Art of The Cat Shown to the Cat, Early Birthday Gift, A Sonnet Sent Off

First, the sky:

and then…

Home design day!…many small changes for peace and beauty…

I found an artwork the animal🐱shelter had made spontaneously of Peeko with a donation to the shelter (and he was from that shelter too)…He didn’t know what to make of it at first—was like 😯 when I brought it out to show him today, but then he was truly impressed with himself and began to slowly close his eyes gazing in that direction.

I had a great time freshening everything…(there will be photos)…because home design in the simplest ways makes a place for writing and art. I enjoyed some light hammering after wiping down the frame of an artwork and hanging it securely…and touch up wall paint! Peeko was very contented to see me hammering and softly touching up walls—I feel the wall likes vigorous brushstrokes when it comes to touch up work and yet with light, even-coated paint. 🔧😊👩‍🎨

Tomorrow (Feb. 19) is my birthday! My friend Kira made me this bookmark (and another) and it happened to match this book so nicely! I will do a Prairie Trilogy post…but not yet.


I sent that Shakespearean sonnet off…as in to a magazine! I let the other sonnet go; there’s always a place for new sonnets! With breaks—sonnets can really knock you out. The last two lines of my sonnet took the longest as far as duration of time since I’d begun it…but then they were just on! and had a modern feel with the form that was fun to me.

A nice day of movement…now a moon so golden it gives extra warmth…warm socks folded on my feet…sleep…



Previously: In Rhythm (my latest painting; now includes family photo update 🙂)

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