My Birthday Celebration and the Mystery of a Very Fun Gift Coincidence

about Feb. 19th

I enjoy a bright green leaf to chew, leaf of choice is parsley, and I can better care for the fresh leaves over the week with more experience, and that container I’d painted myself yrs ago…It’s brought me such a good feeling to see even ’tho I’d often be very critical of my own art.

Peeko greeted me with a different kind of gesture just on my birthday, a gently purring, quick light barely touching side sweep of his cheek against mine and then a hop from the bed onto the rug.

Morning-time, the sun poured through the glass windows and door with plenty of foggy shapes of condensation on them and also some little shadows of light twirling and flashing upon the walls. My husband Dan brought in gifts with some confusion. A little technical issue with my Wishlist that was a very funny coincidence—he thought maybe there’d been sent a duplicate order by accident, but my mom’s special gift note in with her two birthday gifts cleared up the mystery—that out of the many items on my shared Wishlist, they both had picked the same two! Dan and my mom both picked very exciting gifts—(the technical solution is if someone links you to their Wishlist to order straight from their list, rather than from a new Wishlist you created, so it removes the item for anyone else who might order from their list; I saw the duplicates! 😄)

I had gotten a great book about the painter Claude Monet with full page paintings, which I’d added to my own Wishlist when I’d found a copy of this same book that I thought my sister might like for a Christmas gift and had given it to her, and my mom and Dan both saw the excitement then! (Kind of equivalent to when I used to copy my sister’s Christmas list as a kid; I was a very easily satisfied child…and also trusted her gift ideas.) 😄

My mom also gave me a magnetic blank calendar (that can be used for fiction writers in planning a story over a span of time.) Dan was glad to pick out another pair of surprise gifts from the Wishlist and return the fun doubles, so my birthday continues…😊

After our green tea, I thought I’d like to have lunch with Dan at this great garden store with a very spacious cafe with high ceilings that overlooks a great glass door and large windows where there are evergreens and pines in a very green field. By then the sun had dimmed slightly and I had a Caprese sandwich with tomato and pesto…and a pink macaron cookie.

I’d remembered that morning I’d been wanting to go to La Salette, the local shrine and retreat center that I’d not been to yet without it being lit for Christmastime and we’d go there seeking an angel for my bookshelf, well, an angel that’s a sculpture. I’d tried repainting the one I got around Christmastime but the sculpted dress even with my own painted colors wasn’t looking very nice. Yesterday, I’d found an angel at the La Salette gift shop! The woman who rang it up for me was so delighted when I’d asked for this particular one. She said, ”This one is from a new line of angels!…That angel is my favorite one of them.” And she also said, ”These angels just came out, like this weekend!” It was also funny because the cashier looked the angel I was picturing to find last time before I’d looked around the shop, and she was a very warm, friendly nun.

I enjoy the warm expression on the angel’s face and her gown and the rose she’s holding up 🌹and her flowing hair and great feathery wings…featured nicely on my bookshelf with a feeling of comfort brought when you look up…(more photos to come with full rooms and bookshelf.)

For dinner, we had Japanese food. I had a pale green miso soup with tofu cubes and sushi eaten with chopsticks (am thankful Dan had taught me to use them years ago when we met) and ginger slices, and the best by my request brownies-like-from-someone’s-home-kitchen-but-not, which were fluffy and chewy and chocolatey and filling, that Dan brought home too. The wind really picked up again by then.

And then it began to snow, and the wind calmed a little while, and then the snow stopped, and the wind picked up again with a loud sound as if some distant neighbor in the dark had dropped a giant wooden wheelbarrow.

As I’d waited for my copy of book #2 of Willa Cather’s prairie trilogy to arrive (should be soon), I’d picked to read a book I’d loved reading last month, Memories: A Story of German Love and it was a perfect book to lounge with as the main character, Countess Marie’s birthday begins when I’d started it the late eve before my birthday as a fitting surprise in that small, poetic prose narrative book with some very rich, sweet wisdom that I’d finished reading again this morning.


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