My Own Home Design: A Place to Create Art and Rest

The library corner…complete! With Monet’s “Flower Beds” painting on canvas displayed by my reading chair.

All bookends in and shown!

I didn’t think this book would be laugh out loud funny, but I am still smiling when I think of a certain little story—Monet getting cranky with his own art failures and one day hiring cooks to make him food…to become noticeably very fat and tubby…and choosing to wear pastel colored shirts cut oddly, wooden clogs, and a beret…During his ‘mid-life crisis,’ he became newly fascinated with the ocean and was constantly painting it when he went a little too far in and two of his farmhands had to grab him ’cause a wave pulled him under! He came out okay.

Here we have Little Monet scanning the scene for ’moments’—His real name is Peeko. And he takes art very seriously. 🐱

My painting, ”Jasmine and Jewels.”
Full view living room

I cleaned that frame and rehung the artwork (along with the others shown), not one of my own but a cherished print by a pastel artist I’d found online years ago. I painted the little box with the corn decor. And my own touch up paint work around the apartment I am really happy with, as you don’t see it!

That’s Van Gogh’s “Cypresses” painting on canvas. I’d made the flower arrangement with silk flowers. It was very recently redone to show the gold flowers alone in simplicity and with slight bends in the stems for a look of realism…I found this canvas print to go with the flowers and tin container, hallway.

That’s a new corner piece to hold my laptop…and books I’d finished that are ready to go back to the library!

Salt and pepper shakers with napkin holder and blue and white woven placemats I’d shown in a previous decor post.


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