Birthdays, Birthdays!, A Literary Salon Day, and ‘The Marching In’

I awoke to the very lightest touch of blush in the dawn sky; it was seen only by looking more closely.

It is Tuesday night and in recent weeks there has been lots of fun with paintings or pictures, a free sketch one night in my blank sketchbook from imagination, and painting from my imagination as well…and new gifts arrived!, and by now you may be tired of birthdays…but anyway, from my Wishlist, picked by Dan, a vibrant matte reddish lipstick and canvases for painting…and here’s a couple of pictures of Peeko on Edna St. Vincent Millay’s birthday also recent and not yet revealed:

“I said, would you like to take a portrait?

And then, ”You love Edna?”

And he immediately did this:

Fitting the recent occasion, my cat Peeko also enjoyed seeing this picture of Edna St. Vincent Millay, the poet, his favorite, from her Collected Poems book when the poet was a baby and while glancing upon it, his mouth gradually turned to a very sweet grin. And as for the dog, that was a box for a carpet deep cleaning machine which Dan and I decided to return for a smaller one that we can use once a year for carpet fluffing and cleaning; our complex does it free by request but, anyway…🙂

I will tell the rest in words…

I thought last night, “It is a good time for yoga” and got ready to come into the first pose on the cushion after I’d turned off a lamp for dim lighting and I thought, “Oh it is May Ziadeh’s literary salon tomorrow (Tuesday), which I will attend.” 😊(Dear reader, This May has passed this earthly life some years past, but anyway…)

And just then the lamp was back on and the room noticeably brighter! I turned it back off again and folded into the first pose, as the lamp went back on again, and this time I giggled as May likes to tease me, and then I turned it back off again to rest in the low key low light place.

You may remember the ”Sagittarian Invasion” beginning on the blog with entertainers and authors being read randomly around the start of that season…starting with May Ziadeh’s colleague, author Ameen Rihani with his creative novel, The Book of Khalid. The marching in continued as my selected birthdaytime poetic story reread not meant to match that was by F. Max Muller, an author born on December 6th and around the same time came my great ‘Willa Cather craving’ for the prairie books, (which I am mid-way through the second), and I found in researching her hometown and facts that she was born the very next day after F. Max Muller (different year.) I haven’t forgotten my Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice art project inspired by each page one by one gently detaching as I’d turned them, an older copy of the book I’d found, ’though I think it will likely not involve the actual pages themselves but inspired by the text…a future idea, and I plan to read that novel of Jane’s, Pride and Prejudice beforehand, mandatory.

As for Collected Poems, I will share a thought: I liked what I’d read of Edna’s style in her collection, The Buck in the Snow in which she seemed to enter a poetry phase of playfulness with language and sound and direct, tangible moments rather than more deep abstractions.

Tonight, I was feeling a pull myself to write a new poem and to write it with my paper thesaurus, in free verse, and with sound in mind…I wrote it by hand on paper and with my pen. I think I’ll revise it next time with my paper dictionary and my own mind…for selecting new words, glimpsing new verbs, and hopefully some new very tangible things.


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