Two Poems of Mine Published in Indelible

My two poems, “This Ringand “Droplets Slide Down the Pine and Land Upon the Grass Within a Slow Dance” are in print today in the latest issue of Indelible, an online literary and arts magazine, Issue #6, “The Feminine.”

To read my two poems in Indelible, click This Ring and Other Poem, by Jade Nicole Beals. Indelible’s main page shows a photo and link to each contribution, in genres like short fiction, poetry, artwork and reviews and clicking the magazine’s cover will show the whole Issue.

“This Ring” is a ghazal poem and the first one I’ve written in that form. The first poem is a free verse one dedicated to poet and author, May Ziadeh, a woman born a hundred years before me, who was a greatly compassionate and influential voice for the feminine. (March 1st, 2022 was the 111th anniversary since she had published her first book of poetry in French—Dream Flowers March 1st, 1911 in Cairo, Egypt; I’d realized that a few days later.) This Issue was also released today on a Tuesday, which means it’s the day we meet for May’s literary salon!

I’m delighted to share a place in this magazine with wonderful writers including Hedy Habra! I will enjoy reading the Issue now with a cup of morning tea.

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