It’s Been A Little Quiet Here—Let’s Hear Some Music!

*I know this may not be scientifically possible in terms of shuffle algorithms that I don’t know much about, but for this, think not science, but sentiment!!* 😊💕💗🎼😇😊*

From the first music playlist on my YouTube channel (which I began by sharing a public playlist of me reading favorite poems of other authors aloud), I now present you the playlist, “Music for May Z…May She Pick A Set.”

For fun! I’d created a music playlist for author and poet, May Ziadeh, music to share with her, not necessarily directly related to her life for every song but some do, and over many months, it has 219 songs! (I am still adding). After I read my own poem that I wrote for her at a live event yesterday, I went out to walk and thought, would you like to pick songs, May? Pressed shuffle…Thought, Hmm, maybe 12 songs. There are so many genres and moods among the songs to pick from: Pop, Classical (inc. Schubert a musician May mentioned herself in an article), Hip Hop, Middle Eastern Classical and Folk, Folk singer-songwriters, Reggae, Celtic, Dance, etc.!!

This is a great mix I saved, inc. a song in German—(One of the very first books May Ziadeh had published which she’d translated from this foreign language to her that she’d learned)—and I skipped none and added them in the order they came on. Music for May…Music from May? 😉Music for You!

Enjoy the music! 🎶😀🤗💕


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