The Sun in My Cup, Draw What You See, A Morning of a Little Creativity

There’s the sun in my cup of green-oolong tea…😊☕️This is a new one I’d tried and I am glad I remembered how much I love green-oolongs; this one’s called Ali Shan. I really like Ti Kuan Yin green-oolong and Golden Flower.

I gave myself an assignment with my sketchbook—Pick something, place yourself somewhere (seated or above, etc.) looking at the subject, sketch what you see from where you are, instead of what you know about the subject in places you can’t see from where you are.

I stood above and looked at the lamp on the table, at an angle, like I was flying toward it and trying to find the right place to land…and below it, I sketched my little wind up music box.

I placed my completed drawing on the table to enjoy glimpsing at with my tea and looking at the sky through the glass. Erasing and keeping some places erased a little while may have you know why they were erased and what lines should be placed in their place, if any. 😊

This is a different lamp; view the sky in my living room with the brightly rising morning sun. You cannot hear the birds, but they sound very sweet and delicate with little flirtatious chirps flowing together in replies.

These are here as things to choose from that I might do; I may choose a little creativity to work on in the day and have selections for future times. Back left shows a lined writing pad with a pen and an almost done folded draft of a villanelle poem whose refrain needs help, and lots of it. 😊

The furthest is a notebook where I started gathering free-writing for my first novel. I have a good collection of paintings already for my Art Show and settled all the details for that mid-May, so I have more space clear and energy to work on this fiction as soon as I’d like.

I will plan meals and shop for the week today at the supermarket. One thing I greatly prize is my collection of healthy cereals…in boxes and sometimes a pouch…I enjoy a bowl of cereal with almond milk and with a white porcelain classical Japanese style spoon. The cereal is such a delight to see stacked in my cabinet.


Poetry reading followup: If Indelible Magazine posts a video, I will link you to it—I hope so!!! For now, here’s a few photos editor in chief, Roula Maria Dib shared today from the event:

looking away not purposely 😀Bottom row: with black top sitting in green antique-style chair with green blanket.
Reading my poem, ”Droplets Slide Down the Pine and Land Upon the Grass Within a Slow Dance” for May Ziadeh.


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